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If the black blocks above left do not measure as indicated, your DPI is not accurately set for your display.

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Note - Most recent non-Gecko browser versions will not respond with 100% correct values in the above table. Post-RV55 Gecko versions are just as bad as most others. For the most reliable responses, you'll need to open this page in either Konqueror configured to use the KHTML engine, or an older Gecko browser, such as Camino, Firefox 55, Firefox ESR 52, or SeaMonkey 2.49.x. Even then, Gecko results may be less than 100%, unless either your actual DPI is 96 or higher, or, if applicable, your Gecko's preference layout.css.dpi is set to either 0, or your desktop's actual DPI; and, if applicable, layout.css.devPixelsPerPx is set to -1.0, 1.0 or 0. On Windows, all rv2+ Geckos (e.g. Firefox 5, SeaMonkey 2.5) will report incorrect DPI due to bug 667260. Konqueror typically reports a DPI of 1 less than actual. Gecko may report a DPI error of one more or less than actual, which a window resize or fullscreen toggle may eliminate if reload is executed enough.

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